There is no Berlin Wall to defiantly dance on any more.

We live in dark, confusing times and Covenant wrote an album about how that makes them feel. In a world that’s stopped making sense, we need to learn how to see in the dark and ”The Blinding Dark” is a triumphant embrace of the strength and resilience of the soul. It’s the dystopian, unforgiving music of the reflective shadows we all carry within us, but often lack the courage to take a good look at. It’s implosive instead of explosive, fuelled by cold fury rather than a roaring fire, as beautiful as a collapsed star.

”The Blinding Dark” will make you feel the outrage and the sorrow of a band that refuses to smooth things over, put on a brave face and reach for false hopes. It’s staring into the darkness with eyes wide shut.

It’s also a new chapter for Covenant. The trio that became a quintet hasn’t sounded this focused and so on target since the legendary album ”Sequencer” 22 years ago. But there is nothing nostalgic about ”The Blinding Dark”. It steers like an unstoppable Nautilus through the black waters, straight towards the future, never looking back.

Welcome to the void.

"The Blinding Dark” will be released in several different versions: CD, vinyl and extended artwork all produced directly by the band.

“Psychonaut EP” bonus material consists of up to two hours of unique instrumental music recorded at a private, live improvisation jam session. All to be released world wide 4th of November 2016.

Covenant The Blinding Dark

1. Fulwell (intro)
2. I Close My Eyes
3. Morning Star
4. Cold Reading
5. A Rider On A White Horse
6. Interlude
7. Dies Irae
8. Sound Mirrors (Fulwell)
9. Interlude
10. If I Give My Soul
11. Summon Your Spirit

Psychonaut EP – Instrumental Bonus Album

1. The blinding light
2. Death of Ideology
3. Death of Identity (excerpt)
4. Death of Superstition
5. Death of Spirituality
6. Death of Belief

Psychonaut EP Session – Digital Extra Material

1. Death of Identity (50 minute full version)
2. Wolf Hour
3. New Dawn

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2xCD Limited Edition



”Sound Mirrors” is a 5-track CD or a 4-track 12” vinyl EP in Europe and a digital download only in North America. Remixes by Faderhead, Daniel Myer and Iszoloscope (CD and download only).

Here’s a teaser snippet from Dependent:

Get it here:

Dependent Records

Metropolis Records…

Here are Joakim’s thoughts about the song:

“I was reading an article about this British pre-WWII project for early warning from attacks across the Channel, called Sound Mirrors. They were designed to amplify incoming sound from enemy aircraft enough to allow the defence to take them out before they could pose a serious threat. It was an elaborate and ingenious design, expensive as well, and it was rendered obsolete by the advent of radar.

My reading coincided with the refugee situation in Europe. The fact that we all knew about the reasons for it since years, without doing anything to help, made me think of this pattern. How we, humans in general, do everything in our power to try and predict future threats. That ability to anticipate possible scenarios is of course key to our survival, from an evolutionary point of view. But we also have an equally amazing ability to ignore facts that make us feel uncomfortable or frightened. We can watch terrible things unfold right in front of us and still act as if nothing is going on. And then we’re surprised and outraged when the shit hits the fan.

And that’s the usual story: when it’s someone else’s misery, happening somewhere else, we can ignore it and be generous and grand. We buy ourselves a better conscience by sending some used clothes or money, we sign some petitions online, perhaps we write something heartfelt and compassionate on Facebook and then we go on with our comfortable lives.

But when the people suffering over there come knocking on our door, asking for a bit of the safety and prosperity we enjoy, that thin veneer of compassion and generosity cracks and our selfishness, our fear, our prejudice is suddenly all too apparent. And to my mind that’s because we ignore what we actually know:

There is no we versus them. There is only us. And there is only one world.

And when we see the truth of that simple fact and really absorb it so we can start acting on it, then there will be hope for us. Then we won’t need early warning. Then we won’t have to manipulate the “others” and keep them out. But I’m not sure we are capable to take that step at all. And that makes me terribly sad.”

Joakim Montelius for Covenant


We all have a blind spot. A place inside ourselves that we cannot see. It’s there. We can feel it. We know it holds a secret, hidden, dark, unseeable. We know it like we know about dark matter and black holes: the world makes no sense without it.

It’s the itch that we can’t scratch. It’s the question we can’t answer. It’s the foundation we cling to in a superficial world. There can be no love if you don’t know what it is to suffer. You are blind if you can’t see the dark. Life is what goes on as the blinding dark slowly shifts into blinding light and back again.

Coming soon...


Leaving Babylon is out and available worldwide!

A nine track album featuring songs written and produced by the band, including new live member Andreas Catjar, keyboardist Daniel Jonasson, and founding members Eskil Simonsson and Joakim Montelius as well as two tracks written in cooperation with former member Daniel Myer plus a version of Swedish artist dimbodius’ song Not To Be Here!

The limited edition bonus CD contains an epic 76 minute ambient spoken word piece featuring Swedish poet Helena Österlund. The CD and the digital download version contain a hidden track!


1. Leaving Babylon

2. Prime Movers

3. For Our Time

4. Thy Kingdome Come

5. I walk Slow

6. Ignorance & Bliss

7. Last Dance

8. Auto (circulation)

9. Not To Be Here


1.   Jag är fullständigt tung (feat. Helena Österlund)

The US and the vinyl edition has a different trackorder but same songs.



Covenant Leaving Babylon CD [MIND214]

Covenant Leaving Babylon 2CD Digipak Limited Edition [MIND215]

Very limited (only 1000 copies) luxury 180 gram gatefold vinyl of Leaving Babylon [MIND216]



Covenant Leaving Babylon CD [MET889]

Covenant Leaving Babylon 2CD Limited Edition [MET890]



Over at iTunes you can order a Deluxe Edition of "Leaving Babylon" with a digital booklet and as a bonus, Dupont's awesome remix of "Last Dance" that was also available on the B-side of the now sold out Last Dance 7” vinyl.

iTunes US


MERCHANDISE Records in Germany has a lot of cool stuff (as well as our debut album Dreams of a Crytoank on vinyl!) that you can order. Search for Covenant!


Summer 2013

With 2011’s Modern Ruin still a fresh memory, Covenant is already back in the studio working on a follow-up, tentatively titled Leaving Babylon. Featuring material that spans from Northern Light-era demos to brand-new creations, Leaving Babylon promises to be a bold new direction for the band.

Beat-heavy yet introspective; Leaving Babylon is Covenant’s sonic exploration into uncharted emotional waters. It’s the feeling of memory made sound—the melancholy of Sweden in the wintertime, the strange beat of electric hearts, and the longing for forgotten parties.

It's time to listen. It's time to heed the sound of the sirens. What are they telling us? Who is really playing the tunes we dance to?

We are not Leaving Babylon. Not yet.



Today is the day. Last Dance EP is out.

Last Dance EP is now available world wide. A six track EP featuring four new songs, Last Dance features a song written by each member of Covenant, including new live member Andreas Catjar, keyboardist Daniel Jonasson, and founding members Eskil Simonsson and Joakim Montelius. Last Dance serves as an appetiser for the brand new album ‘Leaving Babylon’ out in early September 2013.

You can listen to the new single here!


The vinyl version will be released 28th of June A red vinyl 7” single containing ‘Last Dance’ and an exclusive remix of the song by Dupont that is limited to 500 copies.

You can order the vinyl here:


Released in Europe by Dependent records:

Housed in beautiful digipak artwork and including a sticker, it is limited to 3000 copies.

Covenant - Last Dance EP [07.06.2013] Mind 208

1 Last Dance
2 I Scan The Surface
3 Last Dance (Modulate Remix)
4 We Go Down
5 Last Dance (Version)
6 Slowdance

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In Sweden it's available via Sound Pollution:


And in North America from Metropolis Records!

1. Last Dance
2. We Go Down
3. Last Dance (Modulate Remix)
4. I Scan The Surface
5. Last Dance (Version)
6. Slowdance

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